1) BOOKING FORMS – Stallholders must complete a booking form and return it with a copy of their Public Liability Insurance and appropriate Risk Assessments. Stalls that sell food or drink products shall also include their Public Health England food hygiene rating.

2) CHARITY STALL HOLDERS – should have a letter displayed prominently from the charity for which they are collecting stating that they are collecting on their behalf. ALL PROCEEDS MUST BE GIVEN TO THE CHARITY YOU REPRESENT.

3) SALE OF FOOD AND DRINK – The Witney Carnival Committee have a franchise for catering, the committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any stallholder selling refreshments e.g. sandwiches, hot dogs etc.

4) PARKING – There is no parking behind stalls available. In the interests of safety, ALL other vehicles must be removed from the car park by 11:30 am. Vehicles may re-enter the site to begin packing at 4:00 pm.

5) EQUIPMENT – Stallholders are expected to supply all their own equipment including tables and chairs, protection from rain or shade, etc. The Carnival Committee cannot supply these. No electricity supply is available.

6) DECORATION – All stalls MUST display the name and address of the company/organisation prominently. We would hope that you will enter into the spirit of Carnival and decorate your stall as attractively as possible. It is hoped that you will be able to provide a gazebo to provide shelter from the sun or rain.

7) STOCKS – Between 11:30 am and 4.00 pm, no vehicles movements are permitted within the public areas and you are advised to ensure that your stall has adequate stocks to last throughout the afternoon. Carnivals have attracted crowds of up to 10,000 people.

8) SHOWMAN’S GUILD. Witney Carnival is not a Showman’s Guild site.

9) MUSIC. The carnival committee reserves the right to request music be turned off or reduced in volume. Stalls with music are responsible for registration with the Performing Rights Society and should display their PRS certificate prominently.

10) SAFETY & SECURITY – You are responsible for Health & Safety on your site for your helpers and the general public using your stall. You are further advised not to keep excessive amounts of money on site. Money and valuables should be out of sight and secure. Stallholders are responsible for COVID-SECURE measures at their pitch. Evidence of non-compliance with COVID-SECURE measures may result in the carnival committee removing you from the site.

11) RUBBISH/LITTER – Stallholders must remove from the site all refuse generated by their stall (including packaging). Bins for use by carnival visitors (not traders or charity stalls) will be placed strategically around the site for litter (food trays etc.). Please clear the area around your stall of litter at regular intervals. Being environmentally conscious, the carnival committee would appreciate stallholders using only recycled materials where possible (avoiding the use of plastic and polystyrene where possible).

12) CLOSING DATE – Entries for site bookings to be received by 30th May 2022. Late bookings will be at the discretion of the Carnival Committee.

13) PAYMENT – This year’s event is free of charge to all stallholders.

14) CANCELLATION – Witney Carnival Committee shall not be liable for any costs incurred by stallholders in the event of cancellation by either party.

15) INSURANCE. All stallholders must have Public Liability Insurance with £5,000,000 cover, a copy of which must be included with their application form. Neither Witney Carnival nor the Witney Town Council can be held responsible for any loss or damage to property or injury to any person caused by the day’s activities, the weather or any other reason or cause. Public Liability Insurance cover notes and/or certificates should be displayed prominently on all pitches.

The Carnival Committee reserve the right to refuse admission or participation in the event.